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Automobile accidents can change your life forever. It is imperative that you contact an attorney with experience to ensure that your legal rights are protected. By retaining an attorney, you will have someone in your corner to protect your interest and to make sure you are compensated for your injuries. At a low affordable fee rate, we represent accident victims with small and large claims. We do not charge 33%.


We encourage our clients to purchase an ample amount of liability insurance to protect them from unforeseen situations where they may be at fault for someone's injuries. We provide legal check-ups which includes a thorough review of the clients' home owners and automobile insurance policies.

A Will is a legal document which outlines ones wishes, regarding the distribution of money and property owned at the time of death.  It also names the person the deceased wished to manage their personal affairs at the time of death. If you die without a Will, the law prescribes the manner in which the deceased money and property will be distributed.

Automobile Accidents:


Insurance Policy Review:





Attorney Lee supports students in Atlanta Public Schools by providing financial support for special programs and contributes to The Women's Employment Opportunity Project (WEOP) through contributions, mentoring young entrepreneurs and by conducting legal training sessions for WEOP. He is open to support other community based organizations which are dedicated to youth education and employment opportunities.

When husband and wife agree to divorce and they mutually agree on their marital property without any contested issues, they may obtain a divorce without necessity of a trial. We handle non contested divorces.

We will represent you in traffic court.


Traffic Court:


Non Contested Divorce:


Nonprofit Support:


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